Important information when applying for Art at the Beach

Thank you to everyone who has applied in the last 24 hours! We wanted to state again the following information when applying for Art at the Beach in June 2023:

  1. The event is based on a selection process of everyone who applies. Spaces are limited and we cannot guarantee a space for everyone who applies.
  2. The selection committee is made up of the three members of the organisation, Creative Streak. Please visit the website to find out more.
  3. You do not pay for a pitch now... If your application is successful you will be emailed confirmation of this in late December 2022 and asked to follow the link provided to pay the £35 pitch fee.
  4. Applications are currently only for the event in June 2023. You cannot currently apply for September 2023, but in May 2023 applications will be open to exhibit for the September event.
  5. Please ensure you provide us with a link to see your work online, wether that is a website, Facebook page or Instagram account.
  6. Make sure you have Public Liability Insurance and that it will be valid for the day of the event on Saturday 3 June 2023 and send us a copy via email to see proof of this.

Thank you and we look forward to receiving your application!

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